Monday, March 31, 2008

Deconstructing Diplomatic Immunity

Diplomatic Immunity [The Samples] - The Diplomats

Inspired by the work of the legendary (at least around my neck of the interwebs) Ivan and Kev, I have decided to go diggin' myself and compile sample sets for my personal albums. Having come of age as a Hip-Hop fan in New York in the early 2000's, it's only appropriate that my first few sets are from Dipset. I'll eventually be posting the 4 ROC/Dispet albums. People tend to forget how soulful the Dip were and how great the Heatmakerz were so hopefully the soulfulness and eclecticism of this set will remind others (as it did me). Peace.

P.S. - Unlike Kev and Ivan, I won't be writing on the covers, rather I'll have a friend remake the covers thematicaly (hence pink stars and Purple stripes [||] for Diplomatic Immunity).

Why Dont You Make Up Your Mind ('Un Casa') 1 Peabo Bryson
Who Am I ('Who Am I') 2 O'Jays
Headed For A Heartbreak ('Ground Zero') 3 Winger
Cry Together ('Real N*ggas') 4 O'Jays
Help (Somebody Please) ('More Than Music') 5 O'Jays
Closer ('Beautiful Noise') 6 B.T. Express
One In A Million ('Dipset Anthem') 7 Sanchez
Easy ('Hey Ma (Remix)') 8 The Commodores
I Got Over Love ('I Really Mean It') 9 Major Harris
Look What You've Done ('My Love') 10 The Moments
I Stand Accused ('I Love You') 11 Jerry Butler
Too Blind To See ('Purple Haze') 12 Dorothy Moore
Let There Be Light ('The First') 13 Jeff Tyzik
1st Of Tha Month ('The First') 14 Bone Thugs
Mirror Of My Soul ('DJ Enuff Freestyle') 15 O V Wright
King's Motorcade ('What's Really Good') 16 Nile Rodgers
Yes I'm Ready ('I'm Ready') 17 Barbara Mason
Bout It Bout It ('Bout It Bout It....,pt. 3) 18 Master P
We Built This City ('Built This City') 19 Jefferson Starship
Lets Get It On ('Let's Go') 20 Marvin Gaye


Bulldog said...

Dope post man!

Anonymous said...

Can u do a sample set for diplomatic immunity 2? and some AZ/Cormega sample sets?

goon said...

I'm working on DI2. It's pretty a pretty short set though, since the Heatmakerz only did a few beats for that one. I might do one for Doe or Die.

Jules said...

they actually sampled the live version of "i got over love" by major harris. for "i really mean it". do you think you can upload it?

'ppreciate the sample set.