Friday, June 13, 2008

The world went crazy while I was away.

I take a short Graduation/Birthday hiatus and the world looses it's mind. First, R.Kelly is not guilty (I've seen the video, it IS that nigga). Not that I'm mad, since I'm a fan, but WOW.

Second, Lil Wayne has 7 songs in the billboard top 100. Say what you will about the boy, but as he himself said, "If hip-hop is dead [commercially], I am the embalming fluid".

Lastly, Carter 3 is voted the best Wayne album. That is inexplicable. I am feeling the album and all, but I put C2, Drought 3, Dedication 1/2, and even Like Father, Like Son over Carter 3 as a complete piece of work. Carter 3 has too many commercial concessions, something that none of his other work can be accused of having. But to each his own.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why Mixtapes are the New Albums

B.o.B - Hi! My Name is B.o.B (The LRG mixtape)

As I said in my last poll, I have completely dispensed with the Mixtape/Album demarcation. A hot 20 tracks (or in this case 36) is a hot 20 tracks, whether it is dropped by Atlantic or DJ "Shout my head off". This is a perfect case of where this dichotomy is completely useless. Every track on this mixtape except for 2 or 3 is over an original beat. The problem is that most of the samples (Beatles, anyone?) are unclearable, so this, what would be one of the most refreshing rap debuts in some time, is "relegated" to Mixtape status.

B.o.B, the 19 year old rapper/producer from Georgia, has crafted one of the most varied, heartfelt, origional albums hip-hop has seen in a long time. He isn't underground because he raps about "Haterz Everywhere" and he isn't mainstream because he actually has a sense of humor. He is like a cross between Devin the Dude and Andre 3k (lofty comparisons but a listen to this mixtape will convince anyone that I'm not insane).

I normally can't stand skits, but the skits on this album are genuinely funny and well thought out. Some have even been made into youtube videos: Locked Up, Muggin'. I think the two skits pretty much sum up the tongue in cheek attitude with which he approaches the rap game. The game needs it.

I'm listening to it as I type and I'm still blown away by the deft combination of humor and skill that B.o.B brings on every track.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My first ever poll

To finish off this weekend of Wayne Stanary, I have put up a poll to the right. I don't really make a separation between Mixtapes and albums (especially when it comes to this maniac) so I've lumped them together. Plus, I was arrogant enough to include my own Wayne compilation in the poll.

Use the comments of this post to explain votes, lobby for your favorite album or to insult me for being a Wayne stan (I blame it on youth) or whatever.

And, Yes, I will get back to posting Sample Sets...soon.

Tha Carter 2 1/2 [Fear God]

Lil' Wayne - Fear God

My opinion of Carter 3 keeps seesawing back and forth. On it's own merits it is an enjoyable, occasionally brilliant (Dr. Carter, Tie My Hands, Let the Beat Build), album. At the same time I can't help but be disappointed in Wayne's drop in lyricism.

That said, a while back I played A&R and put together an album of the best original (hence no Drought 3 or Dedication 2) Wayne tracks that leaked over the past two or so years. Having listened to it again, I have to say that lyrically and conceptually it is more consistent and at points far superior to the actual Carter 3 (though Carter 3 might have the edge beats-wise). Hell, even the cover is better.

Thomas asked for it a few days ago but I had to find untagged versions of some of the songs. Here goes my application to be the mountain biking, guitar totting A&R for Wayne's next album. Download it and imagine that on June 10th 2007 (my 21st birthday), Wayne dropped a classic 20-track album and you just didn't hear about it.

I'm Me 1 Lil' Wayne 4:55 Fear God
Gossip 2 Lil' Wayne 3:25 Fear God
Kush 3 Lil' Wayne 3:42 Fear God
Love Me Or Hate Me 4 Lil' Wayne 4:00 Fear God
Do What You Do 5 Lil' Wayne 3:28 Fear God
Zoo Feat. Mack Maine 6 Lil' Wayne 3:39 Fear God
Dear Lord 7 Lil' Wayne 3:59 Fear God
Killing Me 8 Lil' Wayne 3:19 Fear God
One Night Only 9 Lil' Wayne 4:07 Fear God
Did It Before 10 Lil' Wayne 3:43 Fear God
Let's Talk 11 Lil' Wayne 3:23 Fear God
What He Does 12 Lil' Wayne 3:31 Fear God
Need Some Quiet Time 13 Lil' Wayne 4:32 Fear God
I Know The Future Mack Maine 14 Lil' Wayne 3:21 Fear God
La La 15 Lil' Wayne 3:47 Fear God
Something You Forgot 16 Lil' Wayne 3:00 Fear God
I Feel Like Dying 17 Lil' Wayne 3:28 Fear God
Trouble 18 Lil' Wayne 3:59 Fear God
Pray To The Lord 19 Lil' Wayne 3:50 Fear God
Boom Bap 20 Lil' Wayne 3:22 Fear God