Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Sun Could Never Be Pussy, He Always Come Out

Ghostface Killah - Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]

The thanks for this one goes out to Thomas; he did most of the work; I simply played Stockton to his Malone.

I might be the only person in the world who loves this album. Most other Ghost fans look at it as his worst. As it was my Wu-tang B-boy Alpha, I have a weak spot for it. To this day, Love Session (or Detroit Heavenly for those of us who copped it in its completely messed up first printing) is one of my favorite love songs ever. Definitely wedding dance material. The only song on this album I'm not partial to is "Never Be The Same Again", it just doesn't feel like a Ghost song, lacks that innate soulfulness.

As some might know there are 3 classic tracks that were left off the album for sample reasons. 2, The Watch and Good Times, because Epic wouldn't shell out for clearance and 1, The Sun (where the title of the post comes from), because The Rza forgot what he sampled for the track so they couldn't even begin to clear it. I included the samples for The Watch and Good Times in the set.

The Problem with the set is that we couldn't figure out what songs were sampled for the last two tracks, Love Session and Street Chemistry. So if anyone has any ideas for those two samples, hit me up in the comments of via email.

I dare any Ghost fan to not flip completely the fck out at the 3:07 mark of "Storm in the Summertime".

Update- We made a mistake with the sample for "The Forest". Here's the actual sample used for the track. The Imaginations - Ballad of Metheia

Stairway To Heaven ('Intro') 1 The O'Jays 6:17 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Harlem Clavinette ['Maxine'] 2 J.J. Johnson 2:15 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Take Me To The Mardi Gras ['Flowers'] 3 Bob James 5:51 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Hope That We Can Be Together Soon ['Teddy Skit'] 4 Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes/Sharon Paige 3:41 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
40,000 Headmen ['Theodore'] 5 Blood, Sweat & Tears 4:43 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Sun Shower ['Ghost Shower'] 6 Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band 4:05 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Storm in the Summertime ['Strawberry'] 7 David Porter 4:55 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
The Wonderful World of Disney ['The Forest'] 8 The Wonderful World of Disney 1:01 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Across 110th Street ['Walking Through The Darkness'] 9 Bobby Womack 3:48 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Dos Amores Desiguales ['The Juks'] 10 Chucho Avellanet 0:30 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Jealousy ['Jealously (Skit)'] 11 Ann Peebles 3:01 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Maria ['The Hilton'] 12 The Jackson 5 3:44 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
She is My Lady ['Ice (Interlude)'] 13 Donny Hathaway 5:39 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
Good Times Theme ('Good Times') 14 Good Times 0:49 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]
I'm Gonna Love You, Just A Little More Baby ('The Watch') 15 Barry White 4:12 Bulletproof Wallets [The Samples]

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You've Got to Love How America Tries to Act like Shit Never Happened


NYTimes Article

I feel the same way about the "banning" of such cartoons that I feel about the controversy surrounding the conversational use of the word "Nigga". Such "bannings", in my opinion, do more damage than good. They allow us to forget that the racist America that these things were born of ever existed. Rather than be banned, these cartoons should be shown in classrooms alongside the glorified artifacts of 40's/50's/60's American culture.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Your Attempts at Humor Bore Me, SpiderMaan

MF Doom - MM..Food [The Samples]

I found myself bumping Ivan's Operation Doomsday set the other day so I was like, what the hell, MM...Food deserves one too. I don't have much to say about it excerpt, People need to check out the 1967 episodes of the Spiderman Cartoon on youtube, they are pixelated crack. You'll see the connection after you check out the sample set (or if you know anything about Doom).

Excerpts ('Beef Rapp' 'One Beer' 'Kookies') 1 Spiderman 3:07 MM...Food [The Samples]
Would You Like A Snack ('Beef Rapp') 2 Frank Zappa & The Mothers 1:23 MM...Food [The Samples]
Sweet Love ('Hoe Cakes') 3 Anita Baker 4:27 MM...Food [The Samples]
Supersonic ('Hoe Cakes') 4 JJ Fad 3:52 MM...Food [The Samples]
Huit Octobre 1971 ('One Beer') 5 Cortex 4:16 MM...Food [The Samples]
Friends And Strangers ('Deep Fried Frenz') 6 Ronnie Laws 4:49 MM...Food [The Samples]
Friends ('Deep Fried Frenz') 7 Whodini 4:40 MM...Food [The Samples]
Holiday In Berlin, Full-Blown ('Gumbo') 8 Frank Zappa & The Mothers 6:24 MM...Food [The Samples]
Villians Theme ('Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate') 9 Spiderman 0:34 MM...Food [The Samples]
Is It A Crime ('Kon Karne') 10 Sade 6:17 MM...Food [The Samples]
Space Oddity ('Rapp Snitch Knishes') 11 David Matthews 6:01 MM...Food [The Samples]
Space Oddity ('Rapp Snitch Knishes') 12 David Bowie 5:16 MM...Food [The Samples]
I Know I've Been Wrong ('VomitSpit') 13 Mashmakhan 4:48 MM...Food [The Samples]
Funky Chimes ('Kookies') 14 Sesame Street 0:37 MM...Food [The Samples]

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sean Bell

It is some sort of requirement that all bloggers say something about the Sean Bell acquittal. I was going to say my piece when I read Byron Crawford's piece on it. In my opinion Crawford is one of, if not, the best satirist (some would say shock-monger) alive so rather than blab on I'm just going to link to his post, What We Really Need is Better Strip Clubs. He crosses the line once in a while, but...

Seriously though, someone needs to take a look at the training practices of the NYC Police academy.

I should drop the set for MF DOOM's MM...Food in a day or two.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You've Got To Love American Politics


Monday, April 21, 2008


I've Posted a couple of times on Jr. Gong, it's only appropriate that I post on Papa Gong. Having grown up with a father who was Bob Marley Stan, I've sort of grown tired of his more popular stuff. But once in a while I come up on some early or lesser known stuff that remind me of how incredible Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer (The Original Wailers) were. Here are a few tracks that I've been rocking lately.

Iron Lion Zion

There She Goes

Mellow Mood


How Many Times

Here's a link to my favorite Wailers Album
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Rock to the Rock

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Endtroducing...My Magnum Opus

Dj Shadow - Endtroducing...[The Samples]

After doing the Deadringer samples, I felt it only appropriate to do one for Endtroducing, its spiritual godfather. Bad idea. Very Bad Idea. This was a monster. When I saw the sample list I almost gave up before I started. These samples took me to the bowels of the internet and on the way I think I learned enough German and Portuguese to talk my ass out of a fight. If I tried to remember and list all of the different blogs and forums that helped me in my search my brain would bail out my ears. So here goes nothing and everything. 70 mthrfckng samples.

Its My Turn ('Best Foot Forward') 1 Stezo 3:40 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Real Deal ('Best Foot Forward') 2 Lifer's Group 4:16 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Poison ('Best Foot Forward') 3 Kool G Rap & DJ polo 4:45 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Dynamite ('Best Foot Forward') 4 Masters of Ceremony 3:57 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Do or Die Bed-Stuy ('Best Foot Forward') 5 Divine Sounds 3:55 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
The Party's Getting Rough ('Best Foot Forward') 6 Beastie Boys 5:59 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
You Can't Stop The Prophet ('Best Foot Forward') 7 Jeru The Damaja 3:53 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Concerto For Jazz/Rock/Orchestra II ('Best Foot Forward') 8 Stanley Clarke 7:36 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
I Worship You ('Building Steam with a Grain of Salt') 9 Lexia 3:42 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
I Need You ('Building Steam with a Grain of Salt') 10 HP Riot 1:00 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
I Feel A New Shadow ('Building Steam with a Grain of Salt') 11 Jeremy Storch 3:13 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Interview ('Building Steam with a Grain of Salt') 12 George Marsh 4:00 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Planetary Motivations ('Building Steam with a Grain of Salt') 12 Signs Of The Zodiac 1:53 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Orion ('The Number Song') 13 Metallica 8:28 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Breakdown ('The Number Song') 14 T La Rock 5:40 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
AJ Scratch ('The Number Song') 15 Kurtis Blow 5:55 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Quit Jivin' ('The Number Song') 16 Pearly Queen 2:38 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Baby Don't Cry ('The Number Song') 17 The Third Guitar 1:29 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
8 Counts For Rita ('The Number Song') 18 Jimmy Smith 3:40 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Corruption Is The Thing/Crystal Illusions ('The Number Song') 19 Creations Unlimited 3:18 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Sexy Coffee Pot ('The Number Song') 20 Tony Avalon & The Belairs 2:23 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Can I Kick It (Spirit Remix) ('The Number Song') 21 A Tribe Called Quest 4:12 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Back to the Hip-Hop ('The Number Song') 22 The Troubleneck Brothers 4:19 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Bad Luck ('The Number Song') 23 Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band 4:15 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Who Got the Number ('The Number Song') 24 Pigmeat Markham & the B.Y. 2:13 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Fantastic Freaks at the Dixie ('The Number Song') 25 DJ Grand Wizard Theodore 6:27 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Flash It To The Beat ('The Number Song') 26 Grandmaster Flash 9:03 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Been Had ('The Number Song') 27 Sapo 5:33 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Touching Souls ('Changeling/Transmission 1') 28 Kay Gardner 5:40 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Soft Shell ('Changeling/Transmission 1') 29 Motherlode 5:00 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Klondyke Netti ('Changeling/Transmission 1') 30 Embryo 6:32 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Invisible Limits ('Changeling/Transmission 1') 31 Tangerine Dream 8:52 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Imagination Flight ('Changeling/Transmission 1') 32 Chaffey College Jazz Ensemble 2:56 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Here Comes the Meterman ('Changeling/Transmission 1') 33 The Meters 2:53 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
The Man Who Couldn't Cry ('Changeling/Transmission 1') 34 Loudon Wainwright III 5:05 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
(Dream Scene) ('Changeling/Transmission 1, 2, 3') 35 Prince of Darkness 0:43 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
The Vision And The Voice ('What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 4') 36 Flying Island 2:00 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Grey Boy ('Untitled') 37 Human Race 3:04 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Love Suite ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 38 Nirvana 6:09 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Linde Manor ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 39 Dennis Linde 2:01 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Dolmen Music ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 40 Meredith Monk 4:19 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
The Human Abstract ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 41 David Axelrod 5:33 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
The Madness Subsides ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 42 Pekka Pohjola 4:20 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Variazione III ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 43 Osanna 1:39 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Blues So Bad ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 44 The Mystic Number National Bank 3:42 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Oleo Strut ('Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2') 45 Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co 4:02 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Possibly Maybe ('Mutual Slump') 46 Bjork 4:52 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Love, Love, Love ('Mutual Slump') 47 Pugh Rogefeldt 3:18 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
More Than Seven Dwarfs In Penis-Land ('Mutual Slump') 48 Roger Waters & Ron Geesin 2:01 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Tears ('Organ Donor') 49 Giorgio Moroder 2:22 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Pm or Later (instrumental) ('Organ Donor') 50 The New Breed 2:08 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
There's A DJ In Your Town ('Organ Donor') 51 Samson and Delilah 2:25 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Sower Of Seeds ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 52 Baraka 0:48 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Outta State ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 53 Akinyele 4:24 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Life Could ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 54 Rotary Connection 4:25 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
California Soul ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 55 Marlena Shaw 2:57 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Gotham Lullaby ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 56 Meredith Monk 4:21 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Releasing Hypnotical Gases ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 57 Organized Konfusion 5:15 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Summer Breeze ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 58 The Isley Brothers 6:11 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Soul ('Midnight in a Perfect World') 59 SOUL 1:08 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
'Pon a Hill Napalm ('Brain/Scatter Brain') 60 Tyrannosaurus Rex 1:15 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Walk On By ('Brain/Scatter Brain') 61 Jo Ann Garrett 5:51 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Moment of Truth/Ghetto Sahakedown ('Brain/Scatter Brain') 62 Charles Bernstein 2:57 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
2001 Space Odyssey ('Brain/Scatter Brain') 63 Daly Wilson Big Band 6:46 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
A Funky Kind of Thing ('Brain/Scatter Brain') 64 Billy Cobham 9:18 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Let The Homicides Begin ('Brain/Scatter Brain') 65 Top Priority 4:56 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Soul Brothers Testify ('Brain/Scatter Brain') 66 The Original Soul Senders 2:09 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
All Our Love ('What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1') 67 Shawn Phillips 0:30 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Nucleus ('What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1') 68 Alan Parsons Project 3:31 Endtroducing...[The Samples]
Voice Of The Saxophone ('What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1') 70 Heath Brothers 6:13 Endtroducing...[The Samples]

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ernie Barnes

I meant to do this post right after the Uptown Saturday Night post but it slipped my mind. The original cover of USN was based on the cover of a Marvin Gaye album (which I use as the cover of the sample set) which was drawn by Ernie Barnes. Barnes is, along with Caravaggio, JM Turner and Frederic Remington (That Remington is owned by my College, I'll steal it before I graduate), one of my favorite artists of all time. His work, to me, represents what modern art should be and not that grotesque Picasso bullshit (except for Guernica, which is just incredible) . He is most famous for his sports based art, which is appropriate considering that he was an AFL player. Above are just a few of my favorite Barnes paintings.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Spring

Memphis Bleek - 534 [The Samples]

I originally set out to make a sample set for Bleek's previous album, MADE. Somewhere along the line I decided this sample set was more interesting. The production is handled mainly by Just Blaze and 9th Wonder so as expected the Samples Knock.

I've done all the sets I originally set out to make so I'm open to suggestions right now.

Summer Song ('Interlude') 1 Lisa Koch 1:30 534 [The Samples]
Morning Sunrise ('Dear Summer') 2 Lenny White 3:19 534 [The Samples]
Everybody Plays The Fool ('Like That') 3 the Main Ingrediants 3:22 534 [The Samples]
Loves Me Like a Rock ('Like That') 4 The Dixie Hummingbirds 2:56 534 [The Samples]
Just Can't Stay Away ('The One') 5 Natalie Cole 5:28 534 [The Samples]
Never Know What You Can Do ('First, Last and Only') 6 Leroy hutson 3:51 534 [The Samples]
Bootleggin' ('Get Low') 7 Simtec and Wylie 5:28 534 [The Samples]
I Think I'll Stay Home Today ('Smoke The Pain Away') 8 Billy Paul 6:16 534 [The Samples]
Trace of Your Love ('Alright') 9 Joe Simon 0:54 534 [The Samples]
Slow Tongue ('All About Me') 10 Millie Jackson 4:04 534 [The Samples]
Something ('Straight Path') 11 Al Green 4:26 534 [The Samples]

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blaxploitation Rap

Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]

What Can I say. No one who has ever heard this album will ever forget the horns on Luchini or the smothness of Coolie high or the. . . Let's just say it's memorable. Ski absolutely murked the beats. Each one drips Blaxploitation wet. It's the album that began my little sample digging expedition. It has taken so long to release because I haven't been able to find a list of all the samples used for the album. At some point I realized that if I was to keep waiting I will wait forever. So I'm posting it now, if I get a more complete list, I will find the rest of the samples and update/repost as necessary.

Adventures In The Land Of Music ['Luchini'] 1 Dynasty 4:14 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
September 13 ['Park Joint'} 2 Deodato 5:57 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Hook and Sling ['B-Side To Hollywood'] 3 Eddie Bo 1:03 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Leyte ['Sparkle'] 4 Cal Tjader 5:22 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Love Is The Answer ['Black Connection'] 5 The Stylistics 3:05 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
A Litttle Spice ['Rockin' It AKA Spanish Harlem'] 6 Loose Ends 5:09 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Walk From Regio's ['Nickey Barnes'] 7 Isaac Hayes 2:24 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Nautilus ['Black Nostaljack'] 8 Bob James 5:06 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Tripping Out ['Black Nostaljack'] 9 Curtis Mayfield 6:51 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun) ['Coolie High'] 10 Janet Jackson 4:28 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
It's A New Day ['Coolie High'] 11 Skull Snaps 3:01 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reason Numero 182 why Amricans should not have the right to vote

Interesting Article on why Illegal Immigration is good, nay GREAT, for the future of Americans. Seriously. (NY Times)

Open Scars

The Fix/Made [The Samples]

As I said a few posts ago, The Fix has a permanent place my top 5 and Scarface is in my opinion the GROAT (DOA). I decided to combine the sets for his last two albums because both albums were short and to the point and so are their sample sets. The sample for "I ain't the one" is missing because the only info I could find on it is that it is called "North America", no artist or writer, so I pretty much have no way to begin digging for it. Other than that the prize for "sample that made me sweat" was Ronnie Dyson's "Sara Smile".

I've Got Nothing to Lose But the Blues ('Safe') 1 Gwen McCrae 4:40 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
And This is Love ('In Cold Blood') 2 Gladys Knight & The Pips 3:25 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Sunrise ('Guess Who's Back') 3 The Originals 4:09 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Be Real Black For Me ('On My Block') 4 Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway 3:33 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
The Cuckoo ('Keep Me Down') 5 Tom Rush 3:24 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
That Heaven Kind Of Feeling ('Heaven') 6 The Dramatics 3:11 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Sara Smile ('Never') 1 Ronnie Dyson 5:03 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Because I Love You ('Girl You Know') 2 Lenny Williams 7:14 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Theme Of The Mack ('Go') 3 Willie Hutch 5:36 The Fix/Made [The Samples]

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Heir Apparent vs. The Legend


You Decide.

Here Goes Nothing

For What it's worth I have embarked on the Quixotic quest of pitting my diging skills against Pete Rock and CL Smooth's Mecca and the Soul Brother. We're talking upwards of 60 samples. Check for it at the end of the week.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Damn Americans/Italians

Stuff white people (Americans) like - The Idea of Soccer

Said Italian is one Marco Mataratzi

"I knew I was gonna do it better than anybody ever did it"*

FINALLY - Dylan wins a Pullitzer
Now we just have to wait for that nobel prize in poetry.


Damn, I'm Cold

Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein [The Samples]

"It's a Cold world out there, sometimes I think I'm getting a bit frosty myself". Thus begins the greatest album to ever grace the hip-hop genre ((c)Alexander Opoku-Agyemang). I copped this album within a few weeks of its release and I haven't gone longer than a few weeks without bumping it since. When I relive my high school memories, this is the soundtrack. It was for my friends and I in the Bronx what Smells Like Teen Spirit must have been for suburban kids a generation before and The Ramones were to the generation (or so) before that. It was bleak, dissonant and devastated. It was about fury but not anger, cold without being unwelcoming.
Without it, I doubt very much that I would be a hip-hop fan today. It stretched my mind beyond the restrictive by-the-books-boom-bap let's-save-hip-hop New York underground bullshit (not all of it, but most of it) that I was an ardent disciple of back then. Consequentially, this expansion of the confines of hip-hop is what later allowed me to appreciate Dipset for what they were. The lyrics were mind-bending (I'm still (re)discovering nuggets of lyrical wisdom even now) and the beats, as evidenced by the far out sample set, were like nothing I had ever heard before. It redefined the term organized cacophony and the philosophy of creation through destruction. It redefined my conception of beauty itself (1.[||] 2. I'm deadly serious).

Leopard Tree People ('Iron Galaxy') 1 Giorgio Moroder 3:58 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Mexican Radio ('Iron Galaxy') 2 Wall of Voodoo 4:10 Cold Vein [The Samples]
The Unutterable ('Straight Off The D.I.C.') 3 Philip Glass 7:03 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Sweaters ('Raspberry Fields') 4 Laurie Anderson 2:23 Cold Vein [The Samples]
All Night Long ('The F-Word') 5 Dexter Wansel 5:33 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Attic Thoughts ('Stress Rap') 6 Bo Hansson 5:33 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Astronauts Nightmare ('Battle For Asgard') 7 Nektar 6:27 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Tambura ('Battle For Asgard') 8 Ramsey Lewis 3:01 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Love and Happiness ('Painkillers') 9 Al Green 3:14 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Portrait of Tracy ('Pigeon') 10 Jaco Pastorious 2:23 Cold Vein [The Samples]
Love Is Like Oxygen ('Life's Ill' (Bonus)) 11 Sweet 6:53 Cold Vein [The Samples]

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tha Carter II Samples

Tha Carter II [The Samples] - Lil' Wayne

Here's a short and sweet sample set. Even though Wayne has fallen off hard over the last year or so (or maybe because he has), this album has slowly become one of my 3-5 favorite hip-hop albums of the last 10 years or so (Cold Vein, The Pretty Toney album, The Fix...). Doing this set took forever because finding the first and the last track (Willie Tee's "Moment of Truth" and Garland Green's "Love is what we came here for"), took luck, perceverance, luck, tech savvy, and another palm-full of luck to boot.

I'll post either Uptown Saturday Night (still searching for a more complete sample list) or a Scarface 2-for-1 (The Fix, Made) next.

Moment of Truth ('Tha Mobb') 1 Willie Tee 3:55 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Fear Of The Dark ('Best Rapper Alive') 2 Iron Maiden 7:12 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Lay Away ('Reciept') 3 The Isley Brothers 3:21 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Mass Appeal ('Shooter') 4 Gang Starr 3:41 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Paid In Full ('D'Boy') 6 Eric B. & Rakim 3:45 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Oh Shooter ('Shooter') 6 Robin Thicke 4:35 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Love is what we came here for ('Get Over') 7 Garlang Green 2:51 Tha Carter II [The Samples]

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Un-B. Coming

The B. Coming [The Samples] - Beanie Sigel

Like the rest of the samples I've posted so far, this album is a personal favorite (though the beats haven't aged as well as the Dipset albums(The Heatmakerz really were geniuses)). Lyrically it is Bean's strongest. Though a brigade of producers contributed to the album (and the beats reflect this), the samples are surprisingly consistent and balanced.

I found contradictary info as to which Carrie Lucas song ("Dance with you" or "Questions") was sampled on "Once Again It's On". I planned on including both in the set but I couldn't find even a snippet of "Questions" (off her 1978 album "Street Corner Symphony"). So if anyone has the song or the album, hit me up in the comments.

Whole Lotta Something Goin' On ('Feel It In The Air') 1 Raphael Ravenscroft 4:56 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Love Me or Leave Me ('I Can't Go On This Way') 2 Gloria Scott 4:10 The B. Coming [The Samples]
That's What's Wrong With Me ('Gotta Have It') 3 Rose Royce 6:39 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Find A Way ('Don't Stop') 4 A Tribe Called Quest 3:23 The B. Coming [The Samples]
In the rain ('Purple Rain') 5 The Dramatics 3:27 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Oh Daddy ('Oh Daddy') 6 Fleetwood Mac 3:58 The B. Coming [The Samples]
My First Love ('Change Gonna Come') 7 Rene & Angela 4:38 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Proud Of You ('Bread and Butter') 8 Johnny Guitar Watson 6:08 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Poor Abbey Walsh ('Flatline') 9 Marvin Gaye 4:13 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Ancient Saga ('Tales of a Hustler') 10 Passport 4:19 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Come On Down ('Look At Me Now') 11 Greg Perry 3:33 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Dance With You ('Once Again It's On) 12 Carrie Lucas 6:32 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Wanted Dead Or Alive ('Wanted') 13 Bon Jovi 5:11 The B. Coming [The Samples]

More Goon Muzik

The last three tracks of my Mood Muzik remix projects (I think). I will clean them up and drop it officially some time next week.

Joe Budden - Though Shall not Fall

Joe Budden - Warfare

Joe Budden - Roll Call

Jr Gong - One Loaf of Bread

Di trials an di perils deepa dan di blue lagoon,
Dem nuh wan fi nuh dem history yuh nuh see say dem a goon

Damian Marley - One Loaf of Bread

Friday, April 4, 2008

Breaking down the Philadelphia Freeway

Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]

Putting together this set, I've learned to stop trusting linear notes. I was on a wild goose chase for the song "To get love...". The linear notes lists it as an Ultimate Music Experience song. I searched everywhere but couldn't even find a mention of the song outside of this album's linear notes. After having almost given up on it I had an epiphany at some point today and figured out that it was actually by the group Blue Magic. It still wasn't easy finding the track but thanks to the beautiful underworld ((c) Don DeLillo) of shady hip-hop/porn forums, I tracked down the original album.

Next Up is either Uptown Saturday Night or Beanie's B.Coming. The problem with USN is that I can only find sample listings for about half of the album (though the rest are very obviously also sample based tracks). I've found all the samples I know of, but I'm a little conflicted about posting a knowingly incomplete set.

Freeway Song ('Free') 160 kbps 4:01 1 Vicki Sue Robinson Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
I Just Can't See Myself Without You ('What We Do') 160 kbps 3:47 2 Creative Source Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
I Want to Go Back ('All My Life') 160 kbps 3:06 3 The Impressions ft. Curtis Mayfield Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
To Get Love (You Must Give Love) ('Don't Cross The Line') 160 kbps 5:21 4 Blue Magic Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
Life for the Taking ('Life') 160 kbps 4:47 5 Eddie Money Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
We Belong Together ('Victim of the Ghetto') 160 kbps 4:17 6 The Spinners Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
Inside my Love ('You Don't Know') 160 kbps 3:57 7 Minnie Ripperton Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
Mystic Brew ('Alright') 160 kbps 4:08 8 Ronnie Foster Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]

Thursday, April 3, 2008

From Me To U Samples

From Me To U [The Samples] - Juelz Santana

This album stands as my favorite Dipset Album. It's an album I enjoy as much for its shortcomings as for its triumphs. This was the Heatmakerz at their chipmunk soulfullest. They sample everything from Il Travatore (if you don't know what that is, step up your opera game) to Mary J. Blige to Marvin Gaye and pitch everything up hummingbird style((c)Vast Aire). Juelz is young, raw and unpretentious. He drops adorably [||] cringe-worthy lines left and right but his potential shines through on every song. He has fun doing what he does and that ecstasy seeps through the speakers and infects the listener. It epitomizes the Dipset movement for me. It's imperfect; It's soulful; and in that it is human. As a 16 year old high school student living in a New York a world away from the Harlem they described in their music, it was this soulfully imperfect humanity, in all its corniness and weirdness, that drew me to it for the first time. 5 years later, the hooks remain.

Over the next few days I will drop sets for Diplomatic Immunity 2, Uptown Saturday Night, Carter II, Philadelphia Freeway, and a few other personal favorites so peep them (I would love to do one for MOP's Warriorz but I can't find the sample list). Plus I've done the last few tracks of the Mood Muzik Remix album, so I'll post those as well.

Mr. Heartbreak ['One Day A Smile'] 1 Delegation From Me To U [The Samples]
Trying To Make A Fool Of Me ['Okay Okay'] 2 The Delfonics From Me To U [The Samples]
I'm Going Down ['Down'] 3 Mary J. Blige From Me To U [The Samples]
Making love out of nothing at all ['Mosnter Music'] 4 Air Supply From Me To U [The Samples]
You're Special ['Back Again'] 5 Commodores From Me To U [The Samples]
Jealousy ['My Problem'] 6 Vicki Sue Robinson From Me To U [The Samples]
Woman to Woman ['How I Feel'] 7 Shirley Brown From Me To U [The Samples]
Can U Help Me ['Why'] 8 Usher From Me To U [The Samples]
Il Trovatore/Anvil Chor/Vedi Le Fosche ['Dipset'] 9 Chicago Symphony Chorus From Me To U [The Samples]
I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go ['Squalie'] 10 Love Unlimited Orchestra From Me To U [The Samples]
Nights Like This ['Rain Drops'] 11 After 7 From Me To U [The Samples]
Look What You've Done ['My Love (Remix)'] 12 The Moments From Me To U [The Samples]
Lets Get It On ['Let's Go'] 13 Marvin Gaye From Me To U [The Samples]
Gangsta Lean ['This is For My Homies'] 14 DRS From Me To U [The Samples]

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Purple Haze Samples

Purple Haze [The Samples] - Cam'ron

Another deep and eclectic samples set from the Dipset. Purple Haze is widely considered the creative apex of the Dipset/Roc-a-fella marriage [||]. I personally prefer the next album I will post, but I definitely enjoy this one. As an aestheticisist (someone who believes the value of art is in its beauty and enjoyability, hence my preference of Dipset to Jurasic 5 for example...and yes, I think I made up that word), I easily overlook the fact that the producers seemingly didn't dig too deep to find some of their samples ("Girls just wanna have fun" is the laziest sample in HiP-Hop history). Here goes.

Woman I Need You ('More Gangsta Music') 1 Sizzla 3:41 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Life's Opera ('Get Down') 2 Marvin Gaye 7:43 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Bajo Fuego ('Leave Me Alone pt.2') 3 Jerry Goldsmith 5:24 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Strung Out ('Down and Out') 4 William Bell and Mavis Staples 3:05 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Theme From Hill Street Blues ('Harlem Streets') 5 Mike Post/Larry Carlton 3:09 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ('Girls') 6 Cindy Lauper 3:49 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Merry-Go-Ride ('Soap Opera') 7 Smokey Robinson 5:23 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Blues Dance Rain ('Bubble Music') 8 Steel Pulse 4:52 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Reasons ('More Reasons') 9 Earth, Wind, & Fire 5:00 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Funky Worm ('The Dope Man') 10 Ohio Players 2:39 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Dopeman ('The Dope Man') 11 N.W.A. 6:14 Purple Haze [The Samples]
I Want to Be Your Man ('Hey Lady') 12 Zapp & Roger 3:45 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Carmina Burana- O Fortuna ('Get 'Em Girls') 13 Carl Orff 5:19 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Forever ("Dip-Set Forever") 14 Chuck Cissel 3:46 Purple Haze [The Samples]