Monday, December 15, 2008

A young Thomas Stearns E.

I've been meaning to post one of my poems for a while, but ennui always kicks in. I wrote this one for my sis on her birthday.

She came out the womb a flaming leaf
Velocity in her veins
A burning bubble ricocheting against earth and cloud,
For 19 years the girl has been a miracle of nature
A leaf, like any other
Well...not like any other
A bit thinner than the rest, but woven of steel thread
She bends with whipping wind and blends with waving light,
Through blighted storms that twig redwoods and dismember the most tightly held branches
She dances, unhurried
Bending with or without
Stilling when she pleases
A smile that bears no creases
A heart that never ceases
My only shot a having nieces
(ok, threw that in there just to keep the rhyme going, but it's still true to the smallest pieces),
She effortlessly bears our father in her unwavering eyes
She effortlessly bears our mother in her impeccable wit
She effortlessly bears me in how effortlessly effortless her efforts are,
A simple leaf, yes
But the very reason for which the seeds were sown
For which the roots took hold
For which the stem broke ground
For which the sun was born
For which her rays shoot off at the speed of light bound for an unknown planet
For which they break atmosphere
For which which they feed that young tree
For which branches sprout
All so one day she would unfurl from her cocoon
A miracle, yes