Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Underated Hip-Hop Classics: There's Something About Remy

Remy Ma: There's Something About Remy

I remember bumping the hell out of this album when it first came out. I was completely shocked by how talented Remy turned out to be (having only known about her from Lean Back and the Ante Up remix). I had forgotten about it in the interim, but my cousin asked me about it yesterday, and it brought back memories. Listening to it now, I clearly see the flaws in it, but they still can't overshadow the raw awesomeness of it. She manages to easily ride, subvert, invert, conform to, personalize all of the tropes of "female" rap. Thus, while not breaking any new ground, she fertilizes the used and sometimes abused ground and makes it bear sweet fruit again. Bon Apetit.