Monday, March 9, 2009

I Fux With...Conscious Dancehall

Busy Signal - Loaded

Calling Busy a "conscious" musician is somewhat disingenuous. He does the slack stuff as well as anybody and, much like his friend Mavado, he knows how to rack up a musical body-count. But, unlike almost any popular (male) Dancehall deejay, his makes an effort to educate as well as entertain . This album is widely acclaimed as the best Reggae/Dancehall album that came out last year (I would personally go with Serani's). It has my favorite song of last year, "Jail", and quite possibly the most absurd concept song ever, "Unknown Number". His flow on "Knocking at your door" is just insane, and "Real Jamaican" makes my African ass wanna be Jamaican for 3 munites 22 seconds. Enjoy.