Sunday, June 1, 2008

My first ever poll

To finish off this weekend of Wayne Stanary, I have put up a poll to the right. I don't really make a separation between Mixtapes and albums (especially when it comes to this maniac) so I've lumped them together. Plus, I was arrogant enough to include my own Wayne compilation in the poll.

Use the comments of this post to explain votes, lobby for your favorite album or to insult me for being a Wayne stan (I blame it on youth) or whatever.

And, Yes, I will get back to posting Sample Sets...soon.


Thomas said...

Well, here I go again with another "rant." Carter 2 is my choice. This was the first time that I noticed him as someone with skills. From top to bottom Carter 2 is a smoker...imo. I think the production was great, he had more than a couple of rewindable joints, and overall seemed focused on making a good album and not tryin to "swagger jack" the track. Plus, even if you don't like Lil Wayne the first 3 and last 3 songs leave an impression on you that he has "it."

After that he was feeling himself too much…getting big headed off of the props he was receiving. I will give it too him….he doesn’t let his fans go too long without music. I like his work ethic…even if it’s been sloppy at times.

Bulldog said...

lol goon sorry i forgot to respond with my email, it is; last off topic post ill do here

Throwback music said...
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Thomas said...

Lots of votes...not many comments. What your take on it?

Anonymous said...

Can we get a re-post of Carter III?