Friday, June 13, 2008

The world went crazy while I was away.

I take a short Graduation/Birthday hiatus and the world looses it's mind. First, R.Kelly is not guilty (I've seen the video, it IS that nigga). Not that I'm mad, since I'm a fan, but WOW.

Second, Lil Wayne has 7 songs in the billboard top 100. Say what you will about the boy, but as he himself said, "If hip-hop is dead [commercially], I am the embalming fluid".

Lastly, Carter 3 is voted the best Wayne album. That is inexplicable. I am feeling the album and all, but I put C2, Drought 3, Dedication 1/2, and even Like Father, Like Son over Carter 3 as a complete piece of work. Carter 3 has too many commercial concessions, something that none of his other work can be accused of having. But to each his own.


Jason@PSB said...

Interesting article. But apply that to a couple producers. I remember quite a few summers when it seemed like every other song on the charts/radio was Timbaland. And least we not forget the autotune twins, T. Pain and Akon. The past couple years you could find one of them on nearly every song on the hip hop/r&b/urban charts. Or am I dreaming?

Either way, The Carter 3 didn't impress me, but that new Nas mixtape is a breath of fresh air.

E.T said...

I dont really see many commercial "concessions" on Carter 3. in fact, I only see 2, Got Money and Ms Officer. No way would I count Comfortable, thats just a great song with a great hook. that doesnt make it commercial.

On an albums with 5 tracks that dont even have hooks and are basically straight up freestyles thru the whole thing, I dont think theres much wrong with adding in a Got Money to the mix.

Theyre saying he may equal get rich or die tryin first week sales. I think that would be amazing for Weezy. He deserves it, 1000 verses in the last 2 years!

Cathal said...

lil wayne is mediocre, hes just average, nothing worth talking about!

Jason@PSB said...

Goon, you're MIA! I take it your on vacations somewhere. At least post some pictures, LOL, or maybe even your thesis, holler!