Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tha Carter 2 1/2 [Fear God]

Lil' Wayne - Fear God

My opinion of Carter 3 keeps seesawing back and forth. On it's own merits it is an enjoyable, occasionally brilliant (Dr. Carter, Tie My Hands, Let the Beat Build), album. At the same time I can't help but be disappointed in Wayne's drop in lyricism.

That said, a while back I played A&R and put together an album of the best original (hence no Drought 3 or Dedication 2) Wayne tracks that leaked over the past two or so years. Having listened to it again, I have to say that lyrically and conceptually it is more consistent and at points far superior to the actual Carter 3 (though Carter 3 might have the edge beats-wise). Hell, even the cover is better.

Thomas asked for it a few days ago but I had to find untagged versions of some of the songs. Here goes my application to be the mountain biking, guitar totting A&R for Wayne's next album. Download it and imagine that on June 10th 2007 (my 21st birthday), Wayne dropped a classic 20-track album and you just didn't hear about it.

I'm Me 1 Lil' Wayne 4:55 Fear God
Gossip 2 Lil' Wayne 3:25 Fear God
Kush 3 Lil' Wayne 3:42 Fear God
Love Me Or Hate Me 4 Lil' Wayne 4:00 Fear God
Do What You Do 5 Lil' Wayne 3:28 Fear God
Zoo Feat. Mack Maine 6 Lil' Wayne 3:39 Fear God
Dear Lord 7 Lil' Wayne 3:59 Fear God
Killing Me 8 Lil' Wayne 3:19 Fear God
One Night Only 9 Lil' Wayne 4:07 Fear God
Did It Before 10 Lil' Wayne 3:43 Fear God
Let's Talk 11 Lil' Wayne 3:23 Fear God
What He Does 12 Lil' Wayne 3:31 Fear God
Need Some Quiet Time 13 Lil' Wayne 4:32 Fear God
I Know The Future Mack Maine 14 Lil' Wayne 3:21 Fear God
La La 15 Lil' Wayne 3:47 Fear God
Something You Forgot 16 Lil' Wayne 3:00 Fear God
I Feel Like Dying 17 Lil' Wayne 3:28 Fear God
Trouble 18 Lil' Wayne 3:59 Fear God
Pray To The Lord 19 Lil' Wayne 3:50 Fear God
Boom Bap 20 Lil' Wayne 3:22 Fear God


Thomas said...

This track list looks more promising than the official Carter 3 release. I've heard (and have most of the) the tracks except 2-3, but will dl tomorrow.

Didn't do too bad a&r man! Isn't "Sky's the limit" an original only added request....i know people are never satisfied.

I think you need to do a full break down of this, Vol. 1, the Cold Vein…track for track.

I've been stanin a lot today.

goon said...

nah, "sky's..." uses the beat from a Mike Jones song.

I will definately do the track by track for this and Cold Vein but I think you should do the Vol 1 breakdown.

Looka said...

I cant play these tracks. Theyre in some sort of "m4a" filetype. I dont use itunes (and refuse ever to), can you up this in mp3 or wma format please? This format is really difficult to use in WMP and it wont play them all in a queue.

goon said...

I'm on a Mac so wma is out of the question and the mp3 encoding in iTunes is pretty shitty so I keep all my personal files in m4a. When I have some time I'll convert the tracks to mp3 and up them.