Friday, May 30, 2008

3 retaC

I don't normally do this but, to my complete shock Lil' Gremlin's album turned out to be a BANGER and I had to share.


thomas said...

I'm gonna see. give me a brief preview. I want to know is he singing? Are any of the drought joints included?

Jason@PSB said...

Goon, I trust you, but I don't know about this one.

goon said...

Thankfully he keeps the singing to the two singles (Lolipop, Got Money) which are near unlistenable.

Lyricaly he will never get back to Drought/Dedication levels but his flow is still airtight.

The Beats. What can I say? On first few listens, it sounds like the best produced rap album since Graduation or maybe even since Black Milk's album. Again, apart from the two singles, every beat knocks and one or two are surprisingly original: on some early Def Jux shit.

Kevin said...

oh snap! is this the retail leak? I'm actually interested in how this album turned out. Was that cover announced as the official cover?

goon said...

I have to temper my enthusiasm slightly. I just listened to Dedication 2 and the drop in lyricism is astounding...the Man needs to lay off that syrup...or get back on cocaine.

Thomas said...

[URL=]Trouble – From Da Drought 4[/URL]

[URL=]I Feel Like Dying - From The Empire (Carter 3 Sessions)[/URL]

[URL=]Something You Forgot - From The Empire (Carter 3 Sessions)[/URL]

[URL=]I Did It Before – From The Empire (Carter 3 Sessions)[/URL]

[URL=]I Know The Future ft. Mack Maine - From The Empire (Carter 3 Sessions)[/URL]

[URL=]What He Does - From The Empire (Carter 3 Sessions)[/URL]

Thomas said...

Tha Carter 3 is ok, I like what I hear so far. I haven't given it a full preview yet. I only made it to track 8 (can't remember the name). Quick thoughts:

1. The production is fairly good.

2. Noticed not a lot of hooks by him, just the sampled voice or that crazy voice box.

3. I hate when artist don't include the best leaked tracks on the official release. The first 3 on my previous post should be on this and a case can be made for the others. I know "I Feel Like Dying" probably wouldn't have made it because sample issues, but pay the woman the money because that's one of your/his best songs.

4. He gets outshined by his guest (I did listen to Fab and Julez joint).

5. Dedication this is not. I can see this getting major airplay during the summer though.

6. I wish he would go back to writing (or get better writers allegedly) to put some thought in his rhymes. When he does that (i.e., "Trouble" and "I Feel Like Dying) the tracks come out amazing. Why no "Gossip."

7. He doesn't need anymore syrup, coke, pills, etc...He's gonna be dead by 30 (oh wait he is 30 right?)

8. Now that its leak...who gonna go to Best Buy and cop it?

Thomas said...

Sorry for the long winded post :)

goon said...

Thomas - I need to make you a partner in this blog. Seriously.

I agree with pretty much all your points (especially 3,4,&6).

I actually cobbled together a Carter 2.5 album a few months ago combining the best of the "Carter 3 sessions", "Drought 4" and "The Leak". It is lyrically superior to the actual Carter 3. I arranged it so that it ends with "I feel like Dying", "Trouble" and "Pray to the lord". Whenever I need to convince someone that 04-07 Wayne was one of the greatest stretches in modern rap history, I play them that 3 song sequence.

I'm going to post it later.

Thomas said...

The link is dead for all who waited to long. Still have gotten through the whole thing yet.

Please post the joint you put together.

My question to his A&R how do you leave Kanye and Timbaland tracks on the cutting floor?

I guess his A&R is a "mountain climber with an electric guitar" GZA circa 1995.

Bulldog said...

yo goon sorry to go off topic but did you ever get that email

thomas said...

I messed the lyrics up to GZA's song, but I think anyone who reads it gets the point

Thomas said...

My last comment about the new Lil Wayne. In MD the new Lil Wayne has gotten big airplay. His songs with Robin Thicke, Babyface, and Bobby V will get heavy spins. Lil Wayne fans/stans and detractors will either be happy or have further proof that "Hip-Hop is Dead."

I like it...I'll give some more spins. My only questions would be: Why have Babyface on the hook and try to sing with him? Why not include this song (at least as a bonus)-

The track for "Let the Beat Build" is an above average track...why not body that track instead of doing what he did? I think I have an understanding of why he approached it the way he did, but I guess I was looking for a different type of flow/concept for the song. That track is a story telling or lyrical slug fest type me.

Ok that's enough.

goon said...

Bulldog - No.

Bulldog said...

goon email me, for some reason mine cant get through

goon said...

Bulldog - I can't find your email ad in your profile.

Looka said...

First off youve gotta give Wayne alot of credit for making such a non-commercial album. When you think of the amount of people who will be listening to this album off the single Lollipop, thinking its all gonna be sounding like that. Its almost a gamble. Nah, Wayne brought the realness no doubt, I dont think his character allows him to do it any other way. Hes also a rare creature, a rapper with flow who also has good taste in beats.

Anyone who can still be hating on Wayne after this is so deluding themselves. This album is full of soul, rythem, creativness. Im a Wu Tang head, and im totally comfortable in saying that I beleive Waynes performacne on A Millie is the closet thing in rap terms to M.E.T.H.O.D Man. Wayne even qoutes an obscure Only Built 4 Cuban linx Ghostface line in one of his recent mixtapes.

But as a NY cat, im glad after all thsi talk of Swagger, Fabolous came out an displayed more Swag than Weez did on the whole album. Putting that major pain in.


goon said...

Looka - I'm definitely feeling the album, but NO WAY it is a 9.5. I would give Cater II, which in my opinion is a modern day Hip-Hop Classic, a 9.0. I would give CIII an 8 at best, simply because I don't think he brings it on every track the way he does on CII.

Thomas said...

Looka- I wouldn't necessarily say Wayne made a "non-commercial" album. I count 5 tracks off hand that are “commercial songs.” What I will say is 4 of those 5 will get major airplay. "Mr. Officer," "Comfortable," and "Tie My Hands" are great radio songs and will burn the airwaves up this summer.

I'm a Wu-Tang head...I own all Wu-Tang (core members) Cd and tapes up to BPW and "A Milli" is a good song that has grown on me, but up there with "M.E.T.H.O.D Man"...I'm not sure about that. "M.E.T.H.O.D Man" started a whole movement that had an impact on Hip-Hop (of course along with "Protect Ya Neck" and "C.R.E.A.M"..."A Milli" doesn't do that imo.

As someone who took that Purple Tape everywhere with me...I don't think any of Ghost's lyrics are obscure on the purple tape.

As far as rating the album...I don't know. It was ok the first time I heard, 2nd listen caught more of the vibe, and it’s been in rotation with some other joints (Trav and Wale) I’m not sure. I keep comparing it to Carter 2 and the leaked joints that I know would have made this an above average release in 2008.

I'm certain about this...not as consistent as Carter 2 and it seems to lack some focus for me...maybe he wanted it that way...