Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bon Apetit

The Wu Tang Clan - The W [The Samples]

This is another collabo with Kev and Thomas over at This Is Hip-Hop. The W is my favorite Wu group album (I now I'm in a minority), probably because it was the first one to come out while I was "conscious" of hip hop and was the one that got me into the Wu as a whole. As with any RZA produced album, some of the samples here are just delicious (Choice cut: Syl Johnson's "Is it because I'm black"). Bon Apetit.

Funky Way ["Careful (Click, Click)"] 1 Rufus Thomas The W [The Samples]
Is It Because I'm Black ["Hollow Bones"] 2 Syl Johnson The W [The Samples]
Diamond Fortress ["Redbull"] 3 Roy Budd The W [The Samples]
Corn Bread and Beans ["Redbull"] 4 Hugh Brodie The W [The Samples]
One Blood ["One Blood Under W"] 5 Junior Reid The W [The Samples]
Main Theme (Diamonds) ["Conditioner"] 6 Roy Budd The W [The Samples]
Tramp ["Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)"] 7 Lowell Fulsom The W [The Samples]
The Grunt ["Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)"] 8 The J.B.'s The W [The Samples]
Oh, Pretty Woman ["Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)"] 9 Albert King The W [The Samples]
Cold Feet ["Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)"] 10 Albert King The W [The Samples]
Sing A Simple Song "Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)" 11 Sly And The Family Stone The W [The Samples]
The Thief ["Let My Niggas Live"] 12 Roy Budd The W [The Samples]
Thief on the Prowl ["Let My Niggas Live"] 13 Roy Budd The W [The Samples]
Walk On By ["I Can't Go To Sleep" ] 14 Isaac Hayes The W [The Samples]
Hang On Sloopy (Long Version) ["Do You Really? (Thang, Thang)"] 15 David Porter The W [The Samples]
General Confessional ["The Monument"] 16 The Electric Prunes The W [The Samples]
The Jungle ["The Monument"] 17 Black Heat The W [The Samples]
Back And Forth ["Gravel Pit"] 18 Cameo The W [The Samples]
Belphégor (Theme) ["Gravel Pit"] 19 Antoine Duhamel The W [The Samples]
You're Gonna Need Me ["Clap"] 20 Dionne Warwick The W [The Samples]


Tokyo Cigar said...

OH MY GOD. Goon you went in on this. GOOD LOOKING OUT.

Thomas said...

This joint grew on me when it was released. This release was the more polished/dusty RZA. Production was a mix of the old dusty 36 type tracks mixed with the polished sounds of Forever.

My boy Nas has a very strong performance on "Let my..."

Jason@PSB said...

My favorite Wu album also. Can't wait to listen to these!