Monday, September 22, 2008

New Poll: Love Letdown

This is another poll inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. Basically, as a huge fan of both Jay-Z and Kanye, I'm very disappointing by the lead singles for their repsctive albums scheduled to drop this december. The problem is that I can't decide which is more dissapointing. Vote on the right and explain in the comments. Peace.


Sterfish said...

"Love Lockdown" is the worst single of Kanye West's career. "Jockin' Jay-Z" may not be special but it's nowhere near as bad as "Love Lockdown."

Kevin said...

"Jockin Jay-Z" ain't the worst in Jay's career, but at least it can be considered hip hop. Kanye's on that new-new shit and as a hip-hop head, I ain't diggin it.

Thomas said...

Fan of both. Jay's single to me are probably the worst songs on his album...sans a few. So for me "Jockin Jay-Z" is the typical Jay single..ok, but I know he'll have better. I'm more worried about the meat of the album.

"Love Lockdown" is an album/experimental cut...not a lead single to your new album. If he was rapping over this track....I think everyone's feelings would be different. It has that bump to it though...can't front on that.

So "Love Lockdown" is more disappointing to me. I'll still cop both.

Q said...

Honestly Kanye getting lazy/too creative making these tracks,in my honest opinion its been a minute since I was blown away from a Ye track, even S.L.U isn't that great of a track just a nice vocal sample and an allstar cast. I'm blaming Ye for this cause Jigga still spit that heat on that wack beat and Ye must have his heart in zion too since it ain't in rhyming, huh.