Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Moments in Lyricism...Mos Def

The Roots ft. Mos Def - Rising Down

I had heard of a guest stealing a song before, but this was the first time that a guest stole a whole album with one verse.

Every anywhere heights plains peaks or valleys
Entrances exits vestibules and alleys
Winding roads that test the firm nerve
Fortune or fatal behind the blind curve
The engine oil purr, lights flash to a blur
Speed work through the earth make your motor go scurrr
Tonight at noon watch a bad moon rising
Identities in crisis and conflict diamonds
Blinding staring at lights 'til they cryin'
Bone gristle popping from continuous grindin
Grapes of wrath in a shapely glass
Ingredients influential on your ways and acts
Zero tolerance to raise the tax
It don't matter how your gates is latched
You ain't safe from the danger jack
Made it way before they made the map
Or a GPS this is DEF leader


purple_Crayons said...

word! that's funny about mos stealing the album. incredible verse! glad to see mos could still do it. but don't sleep on Thought.

Thomas said...

Mos's verse was that ish, but he is not stealing anything from Thought...on a Roots album...see "Black's Reconstruction" as my evidence.

Good choice though.