Friday, September 26, 2008

Trapping Muzik

T.I. - Trap Muzik [The Samples]

The summer between Junior and Senior year in high school ('03) was the height of my anti(non-New York)-Mainstream Rap era. That was, until I saw the video for Be Easy on Rap City. Prima Facie, it wasn't anything special, but something about this young southern fried rapper I had never heard of before just blew me away. I copped Trap Muzik and jammed to it for the rest of the summer. In the fall, Rubberband Man and 24 were dropped as singles and the rest, as they say, is history...Actually, no, it isn't. I have been jamming to Paper Trail for about a week, and though it's a decent album, all it did was remind me of how awesome Trap Muzik (and to lesser degree Urban Legend) was. Even though he has grown into a huge superstar, his music has lost that amatuerish (in the best sense of the word) effervesence that it did from '02-'04. Just my 2 cents. As always, a shoutout to Kev and Thomas for their assists.

Somebody To Love ["Be Easy"] 1 Al Wilson Trap Muzik [The Samples]
Can't Find the Judge ["No More Talk"] 2 Gary Wright Trap Muzik [The Samples]
I'm Just Doing My Job ["Doin' My Job"] 3 Bloodstone Trap Muzik [The Samples]
Day Dreaming ["Let's Get Away"] 4 Aretha Franklin Trap Muzik [The Samples]
She's Only A Woman ["I Still Love You"] 5 The O'Jays Trap Muzik [The Samples]
I Want to Be Your Man ["Let Me Tell You Something"] 6 Zapp & Roger Troutman Trap Muzik [The Samples]


Thomas said...

Another good one. Where is the Alchemist joint?

goon said...

Two samples from the alchemist joint are eluding me. The Chanter Sisters track and the Cho Yong Pil track.

Q said...

Yeah Goon
Trap Muzik and Urban Legend were his two best and ever since then he kinda lost his crown when it comes to making a complete album.

flashmint said...
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Баян said...

preshate ya job

please don't forget "I'm Serious", a solid debut

mebbe after checking it u'll want to dig for its samples as well