Friday, May 9, 2008

Reppin' Time: BX

Fat Joe- The Elephant in the Room [The Samples]
Fat Joe- Me, Myself & I [The Samples]

I definitely haven't been repping the Bronx enough on this blog. I'll try to make up for it with this two-fer. As I told Ivan the other day, Fat Joe, in my opinion, is the only remaining commercially relevant rapper the Bronx has going for it. I didn't always like him but his last two albums have made a believer of me. He is not the most talented rapper out there, but he's a hard worker and you can tell that he is putting in the effort, even if the result isn't always pretty. He's always had a good ear for beats and these sample sets bear that out. Some of these joints will simply blow your minds ("Fugitive From Love" and "Women of the Ghetto" especially).

A shout out goes to Thomas for his help on both sets.

UPDATE- I forgot to add the Premo scratch samples on "The White". Here it is

Fugitive From Love ['The Fugitive'] 1 Linda Jones 3:00 The Elephant In The Room [The Samples]
Duke Of Earl ['The Crackhouse'] 2 Gene Chandler 2:28 The Elephant In The Room [The Samples]
Hand On The Pump ['The Crackhouse'] 3 Cypress Hill 4:03 The Elephant In The Room [The Samples]
Woman of The Ghetto ['KAR'] 4 Marlena shaw 6:04 The Elephant In The Room [The Samples]
300 War Scene ['300 Brolic] 5 300 0:58 The Elephant In The Room [The Samples]
Returns A King ['300 Brolic'] 6 Tyler Bates 2:25 The Elephant In The Room [The Samples]
Nasty ['The White'] 7 The Eleventh Hour 4:01 The Elephant In The Room [The Samples]

Let Me Be Your Friend ['Pandemic'] 1 The Dynamics 3:49 Me, Myself & I [The Samples]
Excursion With Complications ['Damn'] 2 Bo Hansson 3:29 Me, Myself & I [The Samples]
War ['Breath and Stop'] 3 Bob Marley 3:37 Me, Myself & I [The Samples]
Keep On Runnin' ['She's My Mama'] 4 Black Heat 5:49 Me, Myself & I [The Samples]
Medley: Monologue; You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin ['Jealousy'] 5 Isaac Hayes 15:34 Me, Myself & I [The Samples]
Jan ['Hard Not To Kill'] 6 The Intruders 4:39 Me, Myself & I [The Samples]
Maria ['Benediction Mami'] 7 The Jackson 5 3:44 Me, Myself & I [The Samples]


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