Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reppin' Time pt. 2 of pt. 2: Ghana

This is another Ghanaian album that's burning up my speakers. I had a friend of mine (the proverbial "cool ass chick" from the other post) do a mini review for her favorite songs on the album.

Odo - pro: simple, realistic, women love it... con- that song is too long, but it doesnt get boring

Repatriation - Relevant issue, could have done more with it though

African Lady - Which African woman doesnt like being told how great their rear is and the amazingly impossible ways in which they should move it?

Obaa Besia - Very similar to his debut hit Linda, once again a song the ladies will swoon over

Music - My fave song on there. Talks about his 'struggle' and what making music means to him

My only addition is that he Sounded like he was in some deep ass love when he wrote this album. It's more representative of popular Ghanaian music but it is a very sonically diverse album. Again, here's the eMusic link: Batman - Samini