Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kingdom Came (It wasn't all that impressive)

Jay-Z - Kingdom Come [The Samples]
(Megaupload - see of post for alternative mirror)

I only started on this a few days ago but thanks to a major assist from Thomas, it's finito. This is probably Jay's worst recieved album even though, in my opinion, it's faaaaaaar better than volume 2 and on par with volume 3 and Blueprint 2, but obviously below his best. Much of the album is played so only about half the tracks use samples, the obvious ones being the "Superfreak" sample on "Kingdom Come" and the "Shaft in Africa" sample on "Show Me..." So Between Kev, Ivan, and I, we've done sets for all of Jay's albums (unless someone is REALLY dying to hear a sample set for "Street's is Watching"). Hooray for us...or not.

Keep The Faith ['The Prelude'] 1 Mel & Tim 3:53 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Whipping Post ['Oh My God'] 2 Genya Ravan 4:32 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Super Freak ['Kingdom Come'] 3 Rick James 3:26 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
100 Guns ['Kingdom Come'] 4 KRS-One 3:58 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Ode to Billy Joe ['Kingdom Come'] 5 Lou Donaldson 6:32 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Shaft In Africa ['Show Me What You Got'] 6 Johnny Pate 3:04 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Show Em Whatcha Got ['Show Me What You Got'] 7 Public Enemy 1:56 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Darkest Light ['Show Me What You Got'] 8 Lafayette Afro Rock Band 6:21 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Take Me To The Mardi Gras ['Dig A Hole'] 9 Bob James 5:51 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
Non Ti Scordar Di Me [Minority Report'] 10 Luciano Pavarotti 2:59 Kingdom Come [The Samples]
22 Two's ['44 Fours] 11 Jay-Z 3:31 Kingdom Come [The Samples]

Alternate Mirror
- Use only if Megaupload link is down or Mega doesn't work in your country. Megaupload's insanely inaccurate but still useful counter helps me get a sense of which sets are most popular and thus what to do more of.


Kevin said...

Hmmm.... Streets Is Watching? Not a bad idea!

McFly said...

Streets Is Watching!!

Thoms said...

Not my favorite Jay-Z album, but I liked Vol. 3. Vol. 3 had some joints on it. KC was hurt by bad sequencing (IMO). The best 4 tracks were first and it kinda went downhill (a little bit) after that.

1. Reasonable
2. Vol. 1 (I swear by this album and its greatness)
3. Blueprint
4. The Black Album
5. AG
6. Vol. 3
7. Roc La Familia
8. BP2
9. Vol. 2 (too many hit and misses)
10. KC

Any by the way....Streets is watching doesn't have many gems...and of course I started it but didn't finish.


goon said...

My List is pretty similar.

1. Reasonable
2. Vol. 1 (I swear by this album too)
3. Blueprint
4. Roc La Familia (I actually think this is Jay's most personal album. I'll do a whole post on this album one day.)
5. The Black Album
6. Vol. 3, AG, BP2, KC
10. Vol. 2 (1 hit, rest are all misses)

goon said...

I might actually put a Roc La Familia, with a few tracks excised, above Blueprint. Blasphemy, I know. But I personally feel that the Intro+Soon You'll understand+Where have you been+This Can't be life are more introspectively biographical than any collection of tracks on any other Jay album.

Thomas said...

Roc La Familia (I actually think this is Jay's most personal album. I'll do a whole post on this album one day.)

Agree with that. Very personal songs on that. "Where Have You Been" is one of those songs along the lines of "All That I Got is You," "T.R.O.Y.", the Ed OG song Father to your child, etc. Not comparing those songs to each other, but a song that pulls on your heart strings a little.

Thomas said...

Vol. 2 has some great songs. "Die Tonight," "Coming of Age 2," "Week Ago", and "Ride or Die." But a lot of misses. Compared to other Jay albums it doesn't compare, but at the time 98' this was the hottest thing out. Jay was really coming into his own on this one. The release date in Sept 98 had Jay, Outkast, and Tribe released on the same day (I copped all three).

goon said...

a song that pulls on your heart strings a little


Definitely. The part of "Where have..." where Beanies voice breaks and he sounds like he is on the verge of crying, touches me every time.

goon said...

No song on Vol 2 (except "A week ago" sometimes) really stuck with me...Damn, I came of age as a hip-hop fan in the wrong era. The only thing I have to compare is those two weeks last year when Freeway, Ghost, Beans, Scarface, Wu and a few others I'm forgetting all dropped Solid to Great "tax write-off" albums back to back.

thomas said...

What people may don't realize is (and I think what messed Vol. 1 up-perception wise) is in 96-97' Puffy and bad boy ruled. Puffy and bad boy changed the game up..for better/worse depending on your point of view. Jay dropped a dope album (RD), but didn't get any love. So he gets Puff involved in his project and Hype Williams to direct a glossy video (bad mistake). Everybody was trying to catch up with BB. I think Vol. 2 was Jay's way of trying to get back to his roots. He got with Swizz (cause again they were the hottest out) to get the streets back a little. Long story short a lot of misses.

korey said...

dawg you gotta find the blueprint samples I need that girls, girls, girls remix original

goon said...

Korey - It's already been done, check http://hiphopsamples.blogspot.com/

sttress said...

I personally think that the blueprint 2's 1st disc was the worst thing he's ever done

Andre from Baltmore said...

yea, i know it aint that important,but you forgot im a j by lil jon. this joint was the lone sample for "anything".

Random Productions said...

Hello there, these samples are tempting, but the link failed...can u re-up?...much appreciated.