Monday, May 26, 2008

Reppin' Time pt. 2: Ghana

King Ayisoba - I Want To See My Father

King Ayisoba - My Friend, My Friend

King Ayisoba ft. Batman Samini - Champion No Easy

I have rep'd my adopted home town so now it's time to rep my Homeland. Truth is, I was never a huge fan of Ghanaian music until I started chilling with this cool ass chick recently who somehow got me into it. This is by far the best Ghanaian album I've heard so far: It's like a cross between Ali Farka Toure and Fela Kuti (Ok, I'm hyperboling again, but it really is very good). Its sound isn't truly representative of the rest of popular Ghanaian music, but I have a strong feeling that there will be more like this as time goes on. Here's a link to the eMusic page of the album, King Ayisoba - Modern Ghanaians. I strongly suggest that if you are feeling the 3 songs above, you should cop the rest of the album off eMusic (their subscription rates are insanely cheap, considering the number of drm-free tracks you can download for $9.99 (70)). But I will be willing to send it to anyone who hits me up on my email with a funny reason why I should.


gabster said...

You put them in the order that I like them from least to most. I can't even finish listening to the first one. It's awful. But the last two are great. (In my humble and non-familiar with music at all in any way whatsoever opinion). The first one has the word "father" in it too much and that brings back bad memories, even if it does sound like he is saying "i want to kill my father".