Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gabrielles's "Treatise on The State of Poor White America (Pt. 1)"

The difference between "White Trash" and "Red Neck" according to my resident expect on all things White America, Gabrielle (Gabster):

"Ok It's like this:

White trash fall into the category of rednecks. I would define white trash as someone with no class, grew up with plastic on their couches, fake nails, wears ripped denim (not expensive ripped denim), smokes a lot, dresses like cheap hooker (ripped denim shorts, fake nails, fake boobs, tatoos, lots of make up etc) and is usually ignorant/uneducated and racists.

Rednecks are very similar but red neck refers more to someone's way of life and thinking rather than their socioeconomic status. Red necks are usually from the south and "love america". Also red necks are fat while white trash is skinny. (usually)

I think a good example is Billy Ray Cyrus. NOT white trash but just a red neck. Britney spears- white trash. Bill Clinton- red neck. Justin Timberlake- white trash. Get it?"

Got it.

This post will make sense in a few hour's/Day's once I get around to posting part 2.


gabster said...

ha. Loves america... It should also noted that they have never been anywhere else.

Kris said...

Best as I figure, ain't nothin' wrong with showin' a little patriotic pride. Loving your country is something to be admired for not scorned. KLove of your country and Love of your government are two totally different things and should not be mistaken. If you don't Love it you should leave it. Oh, and by the way, ain't nothin' wrong with bein red-neck - hell, it's my vanity plate here in Western Australia.
I LOVE the South of the USA, would live there if I could get a green card - Okies rock!