Friday, August 29, 2008

Constellation Funk

El-P - Fantastic Damage [The Samples]

This one is for my fellow Def Jukies out there. If I was to say that this sample set dropped into my lap from the moon, I wouldn't be far off from the truth. I've been looking for the samples to this album since the beginning of this blog and I had only managed to find 1 (the Bowie sample). Then, out of nowhere , an angel, by the name of Kasper Beckmann, dropped it into my inbox. Though it isn't complete, I don't foresee it becoming any "completer" any time soon, so here goes.

Raymond Scott - Cyclic Bit ['T.O.J'] - zshare

Equinoxe III ['Squeege Man Shooting'] 1 Jean Michel Jarre 5:10 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]
Water ['Deep Space 9mm'] 2 Silver Apples 4:19 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]
Holy Ghost ['Deep Space 9mm'] 3 The Bar-Kays 3:56 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]
Bass Folk Song ['Tuned Mass Dumper'] 4 Joe Farrell 9:47 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]
Part Two [Tuned Mass Dumper'] 5 Mike Oldfield 23:23 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]
Power Surge ['DeLorean'] 6 Chris Rae/Frank McDonald 1:19 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]
Live Wire ['Accidents Don't Happen'] 7 The Meters 2:38 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]
Soul Love ['Innocent Leader'] 8 David Bowie 3:34 Fantastic Damage [The Samples]


Isbjerg said...

Great to see... Imma find some more for your sample lists...

Kasper Isbjerg Beckmann

Thomas said...

Downloading now

g-man said...

goon u are a legend

Big N said...

Nice set from a great album

Jason@PSB said...

El-P set is dangerous. Still love the CanOx set.

Anonymous said...

You could add to this:
Raymond Scott - "Cyclic Bit" for