Monday, August 18, 2008

New Poll: Lightening vs. Dolphin

The question is simple: What was more impressive? Phelps' 8 golds or Bolt's 9.69 100m. Most people will reflexively vote for Phelps, so let me make the case for Bolt...actually no, just watch it (again) if you have any doubts about how insane a run, nay, a jog, it was. No need to say which way my vote will go.


Thomas said...

Bolt had one of those moments like “Yo did you see what he just did”! Its like when Jordan went up for the dunk, but put it in his left hand to lay it up in the ’91 NBA Championship. Amazing is the only way to describe him basically jogging the last 15 meters or so of the race.

I gotta go with Phelps for the fact that over a 10-14 day span he performed at the highest level with some of the most intense pressure that any athlete has ever faced. Plus, he (and his teammates) set world records in his quest. That man (at times) had less than an hour to rest before he had to race again. I’m more impressed with his mental game than his superior physical abilities.

If Phelps only had 2-3 Gold’s…Bolt would get it hands down.

BTW Team USA is killing people. D-Wade is BACK.

Jason@PSB said...

Phelps is unreal, but I still think Cavic beat Phelps in for his last solo medal. Touch sensor or no touch sensor, he had him beat. Anyways, no one was going to let Phelps not do it. If anything it should have been a tie and shared the gold. Oh well.

I think Bolt could have broke 9 seconds if he would have kept going. It was like he slowed up, if that's possible for him. LOL

I'm loving the Olympics. So many good moments.

Thomas said...

I might have to change my vote once I see this race tonight. After all the reports I read...he did it again...Bolt that is. I'll update my stance after the race tonight. And shame on NBC for not broadcasting this live.

goon said...

I should just end this poll right now. Bolt pretty much settled the argument with that insane 200m run. Now all he needs to do is get back to his natural 400m and set the record in that @ the next olympics and the conversation as to the greatest olympic athlete ever will be finito.

Thomas said...

Bolt = Phelps. Jamaica track team> USA track team