Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Moments in Lyricism...Jean Grae/Talib Kweli

Jean Grae ft. Talib Kweli

It's about time I did one of these on a femcee. Jean Grae, as I've said before on this blog, is my favorite female emcee. What she lacks in consistancy, she makes up for with rare passion and dynamic lycisims when she's on. And on this track, she's definitely ON!. She bodies this so hard, sometimes I forget that Kweli is even on the track, even though he spits a respectable verse. Just peep her second verse:

she lacks delivery, really, nigga I pack rap symmetry and send it to ya dorm
why y'all iggin' me for sure
Jean is synonymous with chivalry
open doors but I step through first
test the waters and I pee in them got no net worth
but now everyone's a rapper and everyone'll shoot you dead
only lead I stay strapped with a razor sharp pencil that could write but it could stab you rapid
it's all ass backwards, you're all mall performers, actors
what though?, come on let's race to where the cash is
get mauled like Roy and alter boy
I'll jet through you like a Jet through flight, I'm unemployed
you still cared to touch me, I got akin to rap leprosy
you face screwed ugly
I'm chasing all you club bunnies
and racing you tackle you down
take your money with your chest on the ground
I know it's foul, what you gonna do now


Jason@PSB said...

My favorite Jean Grae verse is her verse on Masta Ace's 'Hold You' on "Disposable Arts." I always wonder if she wrote it, or if he wrote it, considering the concept and everything. That is quite possibly the best written rap song in my mind. It takes "I Used to Love HER" to another level. It's not just rap, it's the mic.