Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great Moments in Lyricism...Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco - No One Does it Better (Unreleased)

I have my issues with Lupe, but this stands as the greatest lyrical performance I have ever experienced. Every line is wound, rewound, and wound again. 3 years after I heard it, I am still unraveling new layers every time I listen to it again. I won't post the lyrics because it wouldn't do the listening experience justice.


thomas said...

I'm a lyrics guy...normally pay attention to those first. But isn't this joint from the Food and Liquor bootleg? I know I've heard it before.

Put the written lyrics up...your friend Google will be able to assist you in that. LOL

Pharrell? Has to be from that mixtape he did with Drama...can't front on had its spots.

Clipse...big fan, but I'm going to assume your only putting up Pusha T verses because he kills his big brother everytime.

goon said...

I definitely respect lyrics but I fell in love with hip-hop first because of the beats, so they have always had primacy.

I would put up the lyrics but the ones I found on google have too many mistakes in them and I don't want to sit down and dictate it by hand.

Yeah the pharrel will be from the Dram tape.

z said...

i really want this sample... can u do some research and figure out what sample this is... but otherwise this is from the original f&l tracks that got leaked... DOPE nonetheless...