Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Spring

Memphis Bleek - 534 [The Samples]

I originally set out to make a sample set for Bleek's previous album, MADE. Somewhere along the line I decided this sample set was more interesting. The production is handled mainly by Just Blaze and 9th Wonder so as expected the Samples Knock.

I've done all the sets I originally set out to make so I'm open to suggestions right now.

Summer Song ('Interlude') 1 Lisa Koch 1:30 534 [The Samples]
Morning Sunrise ('Dear Summer') 2 Lenny White 3:19 534 [The Samples]
Everybody Plays The Fool ('Like That') 3 the Main Ingrediants 3:22 534 [The Samples]
Loves Me Like a Rock ('Like That') 4 The Dixie Hummingbirds 2:56 534 [The Samples]
Just Can't Stay Away ('The One') 5 Natalie Cole 5:28 534 [The Samples]
Never Know What You Can Do ('First, Last and Only') 6 Leroy hutson 3:51 534 [The Samples]
Bootleggin' ('Get Low') 7 Simtec and Wylie 5:28 534 [The Samples]
I Think I'll Stay Home Today ('Smoke The Pain Away') 8 Billy Paul 6:16 534 [The Samples]
Trace of Your Love ('Alright') 9 Joe Simon 0:54 534 [The Samples]
Slow Tongue ('All About Me') 10 Millie Jackson 4:04 534 [The Samples]
Something ('Straight Path') 11 Al Green 4:26 534 [The Samples]


Anonymous said...

Nice set. As far as suggestions go, Little Brother-The Getback samples, Black Rob Life Story, Az-Aziatic, or any AZ or Cormega album.

corporate: said...

...or how about prince paul's "a prince among thieves"? :D

Jason@PSB said...

Goon - Do you yourself make beats or DJ? Or do you just love the music and collect samples? Just curious.

goon said...

Jason - I make beats here and there and I DJ when I'm broke enough but generally I'm just someone with a limitless love of music and a decent sized library. Building sample sets allow me to get a peek at the musical tastes of other like-minded lovers of music, namely my favorite hip-hop producers.

Kevin said...

Sup man... just noticed a tiny mistake on this set. The version of "Morning Sunrise" is the wrong version. The one that Just Blaze sampled was by Weldon Irvine.

I don't have the full thing, but here's a clip...