Saturday, April 5, 2008

Un-B. Coming

The B. Coming [The Samples] - Beanie Sigel

Like the rest of the samples I've posted so far, this album is a personal favorite (though the beats haven't aged as well as the Dipset albums(The Heatmakerz really were geniuses)). Lyrically it is Bean's strongest. Though a brigade of producers contributed to the album (and the beats reflect this), the samples are surprisingly consistent and balanced.

I found contradictary info as to which Carrie Lucas song ("Dance with you" or "Questions") was sampled on "Once Again It's On". I planned on including both in the set but I couldn't find even a snippet of "Questions" (off her 1978 album "Street Corner Symphony"). So if anyone has the song or the album, hit me up in the comments.

Whole Lotta Something Goin' On ('Feel It In The Air') 1 Raphael Ravenscroft 4:56 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Love Me or Leave Me ('I Can't Go On This Way') 2 Gloria Scott 4:10 The B. Coming [The Samples]
That's What's Wrong With Me ('Gotta Have It') 3 Rose Royce 6:39 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Find A Way ('Don't Stop') 4 A Tribe Called Quest 3:23 The B. Coming [The Samples]
In the rain ('Purple Rain') 5 The Dramatics 3:27 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Oh Daddy ('Oh Daddy') 6 Fleetwood Mac 3:58 The B. Coming [The Samples]
My First Love ('Change Gonna Come') 7 Rene & Angela 4:38 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Proud Of You ('Bread and Butter') 8 Johnny Guitar Watson 6:08 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Poor Abbey Walsh ('Flatline') 9 Marvin Gaye 4:13 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Ancient Saga ('Tales of a Hustler') 10 Passport 4:19 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Come On Down ('Look At Me Now') 11 Greg Perry 3:33 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Dance With You ('Once Again It's On) 12 Carrie Lucas 6:32 The B. Coming [The Samples]
Wanted Dead Or Alive ('Wanted') 13 Bon Jovi 5:11 The B. Coming [The Samples]


Anonymous said...

Banging drop. Keep it up.

k. said...


Thomas said...

I seen that Carrie song "Questions" in my travels, but never picked it up...I'll look for it and send it to you.

AJH said...

Since the Beanie/Jay fiasco broke, I've been on a hunt for reminders of happier times at the Roc. I tracked down the "Questions" sample used in "Once Again It's On."

It's on YouTube here:

And it looks like it's also here along with the rest of the Street Corner Symphony album (I'm downloading it now to be sure):

Enjoy, fellow crate diggers!