Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blaxploitation Rap

Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]

What Can I say. No one who has ever heard this album will ever forget the horns on Luchini or the smothness of Coolie high or the. . . Let's just say it's memorable. Ski absolutely murked the beats. Each one drips Blaxploitation wet. It's the album that began my little sample digging expedition. It has taken so long to release because I haven't been able to find a list of all the samples used for the album. At some point I realized that if I was to keep waiting I will wait forever. So I'm posting it now, if I get a more complete list, I will find the rest of the samples and update/repost as necessary.

Adventures In The Land Of Music ['Luchini'] 1 Dynasty 4:14 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
September 13 ['Park Joint'} 2 Deodato 5:57 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Hook and Sling ['B-Side To Hollywood'] 3 Eddie Bo 1:03 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Leyte ['Sparkle'] 4 Cal Tjader 5:22 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Love Is The Answer ['Black Connection'] 5 The Stylistics 3:05 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
A Litttle Spice ['Rockin' It AKA Spanish Harlem'] 6 Loose Ends 5:09 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Walk From Regio's ['Nickey Barnes'] 7 Isaac Hayes 2:24 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Nautilus ['Black Nostaljack'] 8 Bob James 5:06 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Tripping Out ['Black Nostaljack'] 9 Curtis Mayfield 6:51 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun) ['Coolie High'] 10 Janet Jackson 4:28 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]
It's A New Day ['Coolie High'] 11 Skull Snaps 3:01 Uptown Saturday Night [The Samples]


John Q said...

Thanks for the set. I just reposted set at my blog, but I let people know who posted the set and everything. Gave you all credit for set because you posted the set(It only makes sense to do this).

John Q said...

Yo, Alex. You missed a sample for this set. Camp Lo sampled the Fearless Four's "Rockin It" for umm.yeah.."Rockin It AKA Spainsh Harlem". You hear the sample within the first minute of the song. If you need the song, I can zsahre for you.

goon said...

Aight, hit me up with the zshare and I'll update the post.

esoteric said...

thanks for the set. i was wondering how to extract the files? i look inside the folder, and it shows:

_MACOSX [file folder]
_Uptown Saturday Night [file folder]
_MACOSX [file]
_Uptown Saturday Night [file]

what it will say when I try to extract it, it says..
There is a file with a same name as you specified. Specify it with a different name.
when i try to use all the options, it will leave the folder [that i try to send the extracted files to] empty. can you help me with that?