Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tha Carter II Samples

Tha Carter II [The Samples] - Lil' Wayne

Here's a short and sweet sample set. Even though Wayne has fallen off hard over the last year or so (or maybe because he has), this album has slowly become one of my 3-5 favorite hip-hop albums of the last 10 years or so (Cold Vein, The Pretty Toney album, The Fix...). Doing this set took forever because finding the first and the last track (Willie Tee's "Moment of Truth" and Garland Green's "Love is what we came here for"), took luck, perceverance, luck, tech savvy, and another palm-full of luck to boot.

I'll post either Uptown Saturday Night (still searching for a more complete sample list) or a Scarface 2-for-1 (The Fix, Made) next.

Moment of Truth ('Tha Mobb') 1 Willie Tee 3:55 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Fear Of The Dark ('Best Rapper Alive') 2 Iron Maiden 7:12 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Lay Away ('Reciept') 3 The Isley Brothers 3:21 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Mass Appeal ('Shooter') 4 Gang Starr 3:41 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Paid In Full ('D'Boy') 6 Eric B. & Rakim 3:45 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Oh Shooter ('Shooter') 6 Robin Thicke 4:35 Tha Carter II [The Samples]
Love is what we came here for ('Get Over') 7 Garlang Green 2:51 Tha Carter II [The Samples]


Jason - Po' Safe Beats said...

Is there a Cold Vein sample set? I'm too lazy to search right now, I have been awake for 36 hours.

goon said...

I'm collecting the samples for it right now. I still need to find out what samples were used for about half of the tracks.