Thursday, April 10, 2008

Open Scars

The Fix/Made [The Samples]

As I said a few posts ago, The Fix has a permanent place my top 5 and Scarface is in my opinion the GROAT (DOA). I decided to combine the sets for his last two albums because both albums were short and to the point and so are their sample sets. The sample for "I ain't the one" is missing because the only info I could find on it is that it is called "North America", no artist or writer, so I pretty much have no way to begin digging for it. Other than that the prize for "sample that made me sweat" was Ronnie Dyson's "Sara Smile".

I've Got Nothing to Lose But the Blues ('Safe') 1 Gwen McCrae 4:40 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
And This is Love ('In Cold Blood') 2 Gladys Knight & The Pips 3:25 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Sunrise ('Guess Who's Back') 3 The Originals 4:09 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Be Real Black For Me ('On My Block') 4 Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway 3:33 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
The Cuckoo ('Keep Me Down') 5 Tom Rush 3:24 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
That Heaven Kind Of Feeling ('Heaven') 6 The Dramatics 3:11 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Sara Smile ('Never') 1 Ronnie Dyson 5:03 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Because I Love You ('Girl You Know') 2 Lenny Williams 7:14 The Fix/Made [The Samples]
Theme Of The Mack ('Go') 3 Willie Hutch 5:36 The Fix/Made [The Samples]


Anonymous said...

Scarface, the true king of the south (besides my man Luda, no disrespect to TI). That "Never" sample did fuck me up tho. Hey u ever thought about doing a sample set for Black Rob's 1st album "Life Story?" I was listening to dat album da other day and was like damn, I almost forgot how good dat album actually was.

Bulldog said...

damn thanks man, i got to pick my sample game up

jcmoss33 said...

Great work and I hope people get out and support his album that drops today...12/2/08...EMERITUS.


MisterJonesy said...

Thanks for the sample list, sir! Would you happen to know any of the samples on SCARFACE's DOPEMAN MUSIC mixtape from 2010?