Thursday, April 3, 2008

From Me To U Samples

From Me To U [The Samples] - Juelz Santana

This album stands as my favorite Dipset Album. It's an album I enjoy as much for its shortcomings as for its triumphs. This was the Heatmakerz at their chipmunk soulfullest. They sample everything from Il Travatore (if you don't know what that is, step up your opera game) to Mary J. Blige to Marvin Gaye and pitch everything up hummingbird style((c)Vast Aire). Juelz is young, raw and unpretentious. He drops adorably [||] cringe-worthy lines left and right but his potential shines through on every song. He has fun doing what he does and that ecstasy seeps through the speakers and infects the listener. It epitomizes the Dipset movement for me. It's imperfect; It's soulful; and in that it is human. As a 16 year old high school student living in a New York a world away from the Harlem they described in their music, it was this soulfully imperfect humanity, in all its corniness and weirdness, that drew me to it for the first time. 5 years later, the hooks remain.

Over the next few days I will drop sets for Diplomatic Immunity 2, Uptown Saturday Night, Carter II, Philadelphia Freeway, and a few other personal favorites so peep them (I would love to do one for MOP's Warriorz but I can't find the sample list). Plus I've done the last few tracks of the Mood Muzik Remix album, so I'll post those as well.

Mr. Heartbreak ['One Day A Smile'] 1 Delegation From Me To U [The Samples]
Trying To Make A Fool Of Me ['Okay Okay'] 2 The Delfonics From Me To U [The Samples]
I'm Going Down ['Down'] 3 Mary J. Blige From Me To U [The Samples]
Making love out of nothing at all ['Mosnter Music'] 4 Air Supply From Me To U [The Samples]
You're Special ['Back Again'] 5 Commodores From Me To U [The Samples]
Jealousy ['My Problem'] 6 Vicki Sue Robinson From Me To U [The Samples]
Woman to Woman ['How I Feel'] 7 Shirley Brown From Me To U [The Samples]
Can U Help Me ['Why'] 8 Usher From Me To U [The Samples]
Il Trovatore/Anvil Chor/Vedi Le Fosche ['Dipset'] 9 Chicago Symphony Chorus From Me To U [The Samples]
I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go ['Squalie'] 10 Love Unlimited Orchestra From Me To U [The Samples]
Nights Like This ['Rain Drops'] 11 After 7 From Me To U [The Samples]
Look What You've Done ['My Love (Remix)'] 12 The Moments From Me To U [The Samples]
Lets Get It On ['Let's Go'] 13 Marvin Gaye From Me To U [The Samples]
Gangsta Lean ['This is For My Homies'] 14 DRS From Me To U [The Samples]


Anonymous said...

Good drop homie. What's up with sum Beanie Sigel sample sets and little brother the get back sample set?