Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Purple Haze Samples

Purple Haze [The Samples] - Cam'ron

Another deep and eclectic samples set from the Dipset. Purple Haze is widely considered the creative apex of the Dipset/Roc-a-fella marriage [||]. I personally prefer the next album I will post, but I definitely enjoy this one. As an aestheticisist (someone who believes the value of art is in its beauty and enjoyability, hence my preference of Dipset to Jurasic 5 for example...and yes, I think I made up that word), I easily overlook the fact that the producers seemingly didn't dig too deep to find some of their samples ("Girls just wanna have fun" is the laziest sample in HiP-Hop history). Here goes.

Woman I Need You ('More Gangsta Music') 1 Sizzla 3:41 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Life's Opera ('Get Down') 2 Marvin Gaye 7:43 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Bajo Fuego ('Leave Me Alone pt.2') 3 Jerry Goldsmith 5:24 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Strung Out ('Down and Out') 4 William Bell and Mavis Staples 3:05 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Theme From Hill Street Blues ('Harlem Streets') 5 Mike Post/Larry Carlton 3:09 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ('Girls') 6 Cindy Lauper 3:49 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Merry-Go-Ride ('Soap Opera') 7 Smokey Robinson 5:23 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Blues Dance Rain ('Bubble Music') 8 Steel Pulse 4:52 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Reasons ('More Reasons') 9 Earth, Wind, & Fire 5:00 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Funky Worm ('The Dope Man') 10 Ohio Players 2:39 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Dopeman ('The Dope Man') 11 N.W.A. 6:14 Purple Haze [The Samples]
I Want to Be Your Man ('Hey Lady') 12 Zapp & Roger 3:45 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Carmina Burana- O Fortuna ('Get 'Em Girls') 13 Carl Orff 5:19 Purple Haze [The Samples]
Forever ("Dip-Set Forever") 14 Chuck Cissel 3:46 Purple Haze [The Samples]


Jason - Po' Safe Beats said...


Thanks for the Purple Haze sample set. This is one of my favorite albums!


goon said...

No Prob.

Thomas said...

You on your game! I had them on the list. checked off. Complete the Uptown Saturday Night Live (personal fav) and the 1st Freeway joins. Can't find all of the samples. Can't find that Vicki Sue joint or Ultimate Music.

goon said...

Yo Thomas, I have the Vicki joint but I'm still looking for the ultimate music. The problem is I can't even find a mention of the Ultimate music joint outside of a "Philadelphia freeway" context.

goon said...

I just figured out that the ultimate music experience song is actually by Blue Magic, so set is done and should be up sometime today.

Thomas said...

Good look for the Free. Your right about USNL the sample list is hard to find outside of the liner notes. The B. Coming samples are on point. Your finishing all of the ones I can't find. Keep it coming.

goon said...

I have all the B. Coming samples except Questions by Carrie Lucas, which I'm hunting for right now.