Friday, April 4, 2008

Breaking down the Philadelphia Freeway

Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]

Putting together this set, I've learned to stop trusting linear notes. I was on a wild goose chase for the song "To get love...". The linear notes lists it as an Ultimate Music Experience song. I searched everywhere but couldn't even find a mention of the song outside of this album's linear notes. After having almost given up on it I had an epiphany at some point today and figured out that it was actually by the group Blue Magic. It still wasn't easy finding the track but thanks to the beautiful underworld ((c) Don DeLillo) of shady hip-hop/porn forums, I tracked down the original album.

Next Up is either Uptown Saturday Night or Beanie's B.Coming. The problem with USN is that I can only find sample listings for about half of the album (though the rest are very obviously also sample based tracks). I've found all the samples I know of, but I'm a little conflicted about posting a knowingly incomplete set.

Freeway Song ('Free') 160 kbps 4:01 1 Vicki Sue Robinson Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
I Just Can't See Myself Without You ('What We Do') 160 kbps 3:47 2 Creative Source Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
I Want to Go Back ('All My Life') 160 kbps 3:06 3 The Impressions ft. Curtis Mayfield Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
To Get Love (You Must Give Love) ('Don't Cross The Line') 160 kbps 5:21 4 Blue Magic Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
Life for the Taking ('Life') 160 kbps 4:47 5 Eddie Money Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
We Belong Together ('Victim of the Ghetto') 160 kbps 4:17 6 The Spinners Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
Inside my Love ('You Don't Know') 160 kbps 3:57 7 Minnie Ripperton Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]
Mystic Brew ('Alright') 160 kbps 4:08 8 Ronnie Foster Philadelphia Freeway [The Samples]


Thomas said...

Yo, find this sample: "Car Of Love" by Main Ingredient. This song completes the Jay-Z Vol. 1 Kev and I did. I have been looking for this song for 5 months.

Anonymous said...

U forgot to include "When you hear this song (Will You Cry) by Chic sample on "Hear The Song"

Danny! said...

It IS by The Ultimate Music Experience. Do a little more research, I have the record: